Trim It.

Currently, I'm 26 days from the birth of our second child. It's safe to say that the baby will most likely beat the completion of our new home. I gotta be honest, the way I feel these days, I'm ok with that.

It has been full steam ahead over at the home site. So much so, that we even have trim work done. Yes! I said trim. Sheetrock and texture were complete. Our interior doors made a grand arrival and the trim work is just about complete.

Let's take a minute here and pause for a moment of silence in honor of the glory that is a shaker door. Let's not also forget the dreamy transoms above. 

I love how the trim work turned out. I'm not sure what the technical classification is, but I've been referring to it as shaker, craftsman, whatever...depending on the day.

Let's also pause here for a moment and envy all my guests that get to stay in this room and enjoy its heavenly box window.

And then there's that door. Oh, how I love our front door.

There's a whole punch list of things to be done: paint, flooring, tile, hardware, fixtures, cabinets, etc. But, I'm excited about the progress and can't wait until we're finally home.