The Race Is On.

It's been awhile, I admit. But to be fair, it's been a wild few months. Way back in June, we got a contract to sell our house and found out we were expecting another baby within a few days of each other. By July, we were packed up and staying with family. By September, we were finally able to move into our rent house, and in October, we finally closed on our loan to build a new home. And by a new home, I mean the "forever, dream, once-in-a-lifetime, how lucky are we?" house.

We've been planning and preparing for this since we got married, and it just so happened that all the pieces fell into place in a short amount of time. We searched for the perfect piece of property, and a little over a year ago, we finally found it. After that, we worked on fixing up our house and getting it ready to put on the market. It took a little longer than expected to sell it, but we couldn't be happier for the new owners. 

I took to the drawing board and sketched out our house plans. I changed, I fidgeted, I borrowed ideas, I created my own, changed again and fidgeted some more until I finally felt like I came up with something that could grow with our family. I had a local draftsman draw up our official blue prints and entrusted our dream with a talented local builder. 

So, here we are. The beginnings of the foundation to our dream house. Watching my daughter run around picking up every stick and pinecone makes me ever thankful that my husband and I are able to give her this beautiful piece of Texas to grow up on. And, I haven't even mentioned her baby brother that will surely partake in the stick and pinecone hunts. 

So now, the race is on. Will we be settled in our new house, or will our new baby boy make his arrival first? My gut says baby, but I really want to say house.

Stay tuned!