Shining Like a New Penny

This is part "Uno" of, hopefully, not a series. Like almost every other blog post, this one starts off, "I saw a pin on Pinterest." How cliché, but here it goes. I love copper. I love it so much, I try to sneak it into my kitchen whenever I can. If I had the choice, I’d buy a copper oven, copper dishwasher, and maybe someday, this girl.

Pinterest has a plethora of pins showcasing unique ways crafty folks have used pennies—from flooring and backsplashes to all kinds of art pieces. I have an idea in mind (hence the part “Uno” designation). But first, I had to A) collect pennies and B) clean them.

To conquer “A” I raided a certain man’s change stash (a.k.a. the giant water jug). Before I forget, I also found nearly 40 of the U.S. state quarter series. I’ve got something planned for those friends later, if not only to somehow get a certain man to share in my excitement that I found so many.

With “A” taken care of, I had to tackle “B.” I went to the Google machine in search of ways to clean pennies. I got results like Coca-Cola, vinegar and lemon juice and even ketchup. But, a stroke of genius hit me. I had a “miracle” product under my sink that I use all the time. Let me introduce you to your new bffl: Bar Keepers Friend.

This miracle is often hidden on the bottom shelf at the grocery store. It’s cheap and works wonders. I use it on all my porcelain fixtures: sinks, toilet, bathtub, etc. And, you guessed it; I even use it to clean copper.

Cleaning the pennies was simple. First, you probably should wear kitchen gloves. You know how your mother told you to not put money in your mouth? Start cleaning a few pennies and you’ll understand why.

Take a few pennies in your hand, and shake out a little Bar Keepers Friend in your palm. Add a little water to form a paste.

Use your thumb and index finger and scrub.

Rinse it off, and you’ve got a shiny penny. Look, y’all, 1981!

Disclaimer: If you're a legit coin collector (or penny connoisseur), I can't confirm the longevity of this cleaning process, or whether or not it affects the integrity of the penny's quality blah, blah, blah.

Stay tuned to see what I have planned. In the meantime, I’ll be cleaning pennies.