The Great Onion Farmer.

A few days ago, I decided to try out a little science experiment based on an intriguing "pin" I came across on Pinterest. Click here. The pin described how you could create an everlasting green onion crop right in your very own kitchen. "Hmm...that sounds interesting. I wonder if it would really work? I hate buying green onions, using a few, and watching the rest wilt in my fridge."

During this thought process, never did my college education at one of the greatest land grant universities ever cross my mind. Impactful education at its finest. You would think I would have immediately remembered a little thing they call "hydroponics."

Nonetheless, I gave it a whirl. Apparently I remembered enough to grow a flourishing crop, I might add, of green onions. And so none of you can call me a liar, here's the start of my cash crop.