It's a nice day for a little glitter.

Honestly. When is it not a good day for a little glitter? I'm getting married. When I bought my wedding gown, I also purchased a pair of shoes. Perfectly nice shoes, until my sister showed me the light pink glitter shoes she had purchased for the wedding. I needed my own glitter.

I went to the Google machine and found several posts about glittering your own shoes. "I can totally do that." And totally, I did.

First off, here are my shoes prior to their glitter makeover.

Here's the line up for today's project: brushes, Martha Stewart's smoky quartz glitter and Mod Podge. A few notes about the supplies. 1) The glitter is extremely fine. I'm sure a more corse glitter would work, but I loved the smoky quartz color. 2) Don't go looking for Mod Podge at Lowe's. They'll end up preaching to you about patching up dry wall and they just don't understand when you tell them all you want to do is glitter your wedding shoes. 3) Lastly, there are different Mod Podge formulas. You want to make sure you purchase one that dries clear and with a gloss finish.


Starting off, I covered my work surface and pulled out a paper plate. I poured a bit of Mod Podge out and added glitter. My primary color was the Martha Stewart smoky quartz, however, I threw in a bit of the pink fairy dust for good measure. My ultimate color goal was a rose gold. I used a piece of foil to stuff inside each shoe to protect the inside.

I'll admit, I was scared at first. But add more glitter than you think. Mix it together with the Mod Podge and start painting. My shoes had a brooch detail, so I needed to use a smaller brush. Honestly, a foam brush works best to cover the shoe.

Be prepared to do more than two coats per shoe. Also, you'll want to mix up enough glitter/Mod Podge mixture to cover both shoes at a time. You want to avoid any color discrepancies between shoes.

The shoe on the right is with one coat; the left shoe has two coats. I ended up applying three coats to both shoes.

My final step to finish off my rose gold beauties was a quick coat of clear gloss sealant. This helps you from shedding glitter as you dance the night away.

On a final note: By mixing the glitter in with the Mod Podge, you help the glitter adhere better to the shoe. This method, I think, works better than putting the Mod Podge on the shoe, sprinkling the glitter on the shoe and shaking off the excess. Mixing beforehand is much less messy, too.

Let everything dry and you're done!