No Glass.

What happens when you finally get to move into your dream house with a two-year-old and a six-week-old baby? Chaos. That’s what happens people.

Back in April we were desperate to get into our new house. We were done with moving, living in a rent house and living out of boxes. We were so ready that we moved in before our house had glass installed.

Glass? Yep. We had windows, folks. So don’t panic. I mean...the beautiful transom windows, our showers and the kitchen cabinets had no glass.

I can distinctly remember going through the check list. Electricity? Yep. Running water? Yep. Septic? Yep. Let’s roll.

Once the box trucks pulled up, I was determined to sleep in our forever home that night. But, when 8 o’clock rolled around and we were trying to get our children settled in for the night we realized the importance of glass.

I was in our master bedroom on one end of the house with our newborn. My husband was on the other end of the house with our toddler. We might as well have been sitting together. You forget how much furnishing, decor and (oh, yeah) glass in your transom windows can muffle sound. It was a rough first night, but we were finally home. Home forever.

We have glass now. Here's the prettiest pantry you ever did see.

We have glass now. Here's the prettiest pantry you ever did see.