In Between the Heartburn

Hi, friends. It's been awhile. But, for good reason. The husband and I are expecting a sweet little girl in just a few weeks. Needless to say, we've been busy getting ready for her arrival. In between the growing, the heartburn and putting together her nursery, I've snuck in a few craft projects.

Here's a random question for you: Have you ever shopped for burp cloths? They seem ridiculously expensive, not always cute and really serve a messy purpose. A good friend of mine, who had a sweet baby girl a few months ago, let me in on a secret. Cloth diapers make the best burp cloths. It's true. They're thick and absorbent. If they can handle diaper duty, they can handle a little spit up (or, a lot).

When I return to work after our little one arrives, my mother-in-law will watch her part of the time. While she's at her house, my MIL prefers to use cloth diapers. To prevent any mix-ups on laundry day, I came up with a quick craft project.

I purchased a package of plain, white cloth diapers. I dug out some fabric and ribbon from my closet, along with the sewing machine and pins. I did some quick research before I started and took advice to wash both the cloth diapers and the fabric you'll be using first. This helps prevent any shrinking, etc. after the first wash--not to ruin your sewing. Let the creativity flow, but be sure to pick soft fabrics and ribbons, as not to scratch your little one's face.

A little cutting, pinning and sewing...

In an effort to sneak some orange into my sweet girl's life (Go Pokes!)...

A little rick rack is good for the soul.

Stay tuned...I promise to share our little one's nursery when it's done.