Framing the Dream House.

After months of looking at a piece of paper, a computer screen and even a 3-D mock-up, it blows me away to see our home come to life. I caught a glimpse of my design when they poured our foundation. We were able to walk around and get a feel for the layout of our new home. But when the walls went up, the real excitement kicked in. 

In just two short weeks, this appeared. THIS. 

Here's our kitchen. Insert white shaker cabinets, subway tile, windows, stainless appliances and a secret surprise on our counters. I can't wait.

Here's the fireplace. It's one chimney, with a box on the inside in our living room and a box on the outside on our back porch. 

When we were checking out the garage, we saw that some of the doors had been delivered. There will be a set on either side of the fireplace and a third in the master bedroom; all leading out to the back porch. They're fiberglass with a wood grain (didn't know this existed). They'll be stained a beautiful shade of yet to be determined. 

More to come!