Meet Your New Best Friend.

Crafters of the world I give you your new best friend (if you haven't already met): Peel and stick moss. First off, I'd like to award a thousand points of light to the genius that invented this. 

Second, we are a week out from a dear friend's baby shower. And work is well underway for Baby Brown's Derby Day. Having been gone all week for a conference in the northwest for my 8-5, I realized I needed to get going on a few craft projects. name moss sculpture. There's no other way to describe it. 

The wooden planter is a usual suspect on my own dining room table. It measures about 30 inches long and 6 inches deep. It's an easy piece to dress up for Christmas, spring, and random baby shower projects. I started by replacing the floral foam and putting down a layer of moss.

Next, I attached the letters to popsicle sticks.

Because it's genius, there's a cutting grid on the back of the paper. I traced each letter once, and then traced a wider version to wrap the edges.

I placed the smaller cutout on the back of the letter, covering up the popsicle stick(s). I placed the larger version on the front and used the overlap to cover the edges. The other great thing about this product, besides the obvious, is if you need to fill in a gap, the moss blends well together leaving virtually no seams. It's also very easy to cut, but the adhesive is very sticky, so be careful when you're removing the backing and adhering it. You might create a tangled mess.

More to come on Baby Brown's Derby Day, but I'll chalk this up to a great start.