Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress Color.

You’re in full-on wedding planning mode. Your head is spinning trying to pick a venue, a photographer, a DJ, a cake, your dress, and maybe even a fiancé. Ha! You’ve narrowed down your list of “ride or die” girls to stand by you on your big day, but what the heck are they going to wear?

Before we talk color, let’s talk about the style of the dress real quick like.

Think about your bridesmaids.

This is YOUR day, no doubt. You’ve waited for years to have your wedding exactly the way you’ve always dreamed. But, before you pick a style, think about your bridesmaids for just a second. As the bride, more than likely you’re at the peak of your game. You’ve been hitting the gym for two-a-days, sipping green juice, and the seamstress keeps having to take your dress in.

Your bridesmaids, on the other hand, are probably coming from different walks of life. One might have just had a baby, or one is pregnant with her third surprise baby. You may have a bridesmaid that’s coming off a bad breakup and is secretly trying to “out hott” you on your big day. They’re your tribe, but they may not reflect your exact stage in life.

Have some options.

I love when a bride picks her color, but offers a few different style options for her bridesmaids. This is fantastic for keeping a cohesive look with the same color, but there is the slightest variation to make bridesmaids feel the most comfortable. Because I’m going to be really honest here—if you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t look comfortable, and it shows in your photographs.

Let’s talk color.

No matter what color you pick for your bridesmaids, it will look different than in the light of the store and especially what you see online—this is a big one! The lighting at your venue, the time of day, the shooting and editing style of your photographer will impact how the colors look. If you don’t care about any of this, great! Scroll on, you gorgeous bride.

If you’re worried about how the color of your bridesmaid dresses will translate on the big day, let’s talk.

Blushing Bridesmaids.

Blush weddings have been at the top of the trend list for years. I mean, I picked it for my own wedding, so I’m not knocking it. However, blush or shades of pale pink/peach can wash out easily. This is especially true if the bride and/or bridesmaids are blonde with fair skin. More importantly, most wedding photographers shoot and edit to reflect a “light and airy” feel. Naturally, these colors will get washed out easily.

Gorgeous. Gorgeous. But, just remember, this color can wash out easily and your pinks might not always shine the way you’d like.

Fickle Reds.

Red is beautiful. It adds the perfect complementary pop of color, can evoke a seasonal vibe and is just down right flattering on most everyone. However, what you see in real life might not come across in your photos. Your perfect shade of oxblood, merlot or even burgundy can sometimes show fire engine red when it’s put in front of a “light and airy” lens. If you’re a red bride, talk to your photographer about your color choice, and show them samples of how you want your color to come through.

Bright Bridesmaids.

You don’t see these color choices often, but I love them. You’ll sometimes see them in the fall, but you’re most likely to see colorful bridesmaids in the summertime. Bright bridesmaids are just that—they’ll offer a bright, fun pop of color in your photos and they’re sure to make a stunning white bridal gown stand out.

Making Green Work.

I’m probably going to crush some spirits on this one, but I’m going to go on record by saying I’m not a fan of green. Depending on the shade, it can fight with the greenery in the flowers, the greenery that envelopes most wedding venues or outdoor ceremony sites. But thanks to Pinterest, there is hope. I’m kidding and I’m sorry if green is your fav. But seriously, let’s perhaps pick a shade like this stunning silver sage. It has just enough silver or grey undertones to bring it towards a neutral pallet, and you don’t have those issues with competing shades or blending into your background.

Spicy Bridesmaids.

I love that these color tones have been showing up in weddings. They are absolutely 100% perfect for fall weddings, but with a little changeup in coordinating colors and flowers, they honestly could be beautiful any time of year. I’m talking nutmeg, dark mauve, and even cinnamon rose.

My Unsung Favorite.

Blue is a time-honored favorite in weddings. Baby blue, periwinkle and dusty blue have cascaded down aisles for ages. But one of my favorites is navy. Not just any navy pairing, however. I love to see navy paired with champagne and gold. You don’t see these shades matched in this way very often, but I’d like to see it more. Especially when we are seeing brides gravitate towards different shades other than bright white for their own gowns, this is a stunning compliment.

Pick your perfect shade, girl, by all means. Just take a minute and think about your bridesmaids and think about how your venue, lighting, photographer, etc. may reflect your perfect bridesmaid dress color. When in doubt, talk to your photographer and make sure you’re on the same page of how you’d like your photos to come out on the other side.