21st Birthday Cake Smash

I’m going to go on record about a lot of things in this post. But, I’m going to start by saying how jealous I am that I didn’t have a cake smash for my 21st birthday. I do know I had a cake smash for my 1st birthday, but back then, it wasn’t called a cake smash—it was just a regular ol’ birthday party.

Not anymore, folks. Not only do we make a big deal out of our kids’ first birthday parties, we also make a big deal out of all the parties. However, I’m going to also go on record and say that I second that emotion. Let’s celebrate life. Let’s celebrate the little things. Let’s celebrate the big things. Let’s have cake and champagne a little more often.

When Paige’s mom texted me a couple months ago with the idea to do a cake smash to celebrate her 21st birthday, I was all for it. “Yes! This is going to be amazing.”

We’ve all seen those shots going around Pinterest. A grown girl puts on a ginormous tutu, a tiara, throws some glitter around and shoves a handful of cake in her mouth like a toddler. As an adult, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

The rain (thanks, east Texas) pushed back our shoot date a few times. But, we had to get these shots done before her birthday. We finally found just enough sunshine, and when Paige opened the back of her car, I knew it was going to be a good day. Balloons, glitter, champagne, cake, tutus and a tiara.


I love all my clients equally, but this shoot has to be one of my favorites. We kept giggling the whole time, because it was flat out fantastic. In fact, I loved it so much, I may make glitter, cake and champagne a requirement on all future photo shoots. Happy Birthday, Paige!