Baby's Black Balloon.

Our little one finally had her first birthday. Technically, it was her second annual birthday. Nonetheless, it was time for birthday pictures. I decided I wanted to do some really fun black and white photos for this shoot. I found three fantastic 36-inch black balloons and a perfect black tutu. I put her in a white top to create a pop of contrast. 

The golden hour came. With the help of my husband, we got everything in place. And then it happened. Our sweet little one had a total meltdown. Completely, 100% terrified of the balloons. Well, there went that idea.

I pulled the balloons off the chair and wrapped them quickly around the mirror of the truck parked nearby. I went back over to help my husband try and calm the baby. 

Sing songs. Jump. Laugh. Whatever you've got to do to make her happy. 

I looked back over my shoulder, and poof! The balloons were gone. My quick horse tie wasn't strong enough to hold the 36-inch beasts that tried to eat my baby...apparently.

Melt my heart. Holding her daddy's hand.

Melt my heart. Holding her daddy's hand.