Pinners: Have no fear!

I know it's your favorite site. You're pinning everything from recipes to decorating ideas. Pinterest has taken the creative world by storm, inspiring you to reorganize your closet or even sew your own curtains. I, for one, have tried out a few pins on my own--having success with most of them. But, there's always those handful of "pins" that just look incredible, but you're not sure you can pull it off.

Pinners: Have No Fear

You'll never know how your project will turn out, unless you try. I "pinned" this piece of art and finally decided to try and recreate it.

So, here it goes. Start with a blank canvas. You can pick any size depending on where you'd like to display it when you're done. Next, find silhouette artwork and print it out. Cut it out and place it on the canvas. Trace the top of the image on the canvas. Using painter's tape, trace the top of the image on a piece of tape, as well. Cut out the shape and begin to use the painter's tape to block off any areas of the canvas you don't want paint.

When the tape is secure, start with your first paint choice. I used basic acrylic craft paint mixed with water to thin it out. Using an eyedropper or an infant aspirator, drizzle the paint from the top of the canvas. NOTE: This is a messy project, so make sure whatever surface you're using is well protected.

Continue layering until you have the look you want. You can even add glitter for extra sparkle.

When you're done, let the canvas dry. Remove the tape. Don't fret, if paint seeped under the tape, you can easily cover it up with a couple coats of bright white paint.

Next, place the artwork back on the canvas and trace with a pencil. Using a fine brush and black paint, define the image. Using a larger brush, fill in the silhouette.

Once you're image is filled in, add a base, or ground, for the image to stand on.  Sign it, and it's done!

So next time you see a "pin" that you really love, go ahead and try it. Most pins have detailed instructions and tips from other crafters. You might surprise yourself.