Thanks for the Box of Broken Glass, Mom.

Well, it wasn't entirely her fault. She had the best of intentions. My mother decided to test the U.S. Postal Service and see if she could ship a few pieces of antique glassware to me a few states over. I always had my eye on a few turquoise colored pieces that belonged to my late great-aunt. Here are a few of the pieces that survived the journey. When I say "survived" I mean just slightly maimed. As for their friends, they were like some of the small children who went overboard while trying to ford the river in "Oregon Trail." All the glassware is extremely beautiful and intricate. I couldn't just throw away the broken pieces. What to do? What to do? I know! I placed the pieces inside a wide vase. It's not the most outstanding idea, but it works. Who knows, I may think of something better later on--perhaps for another blog post. Very simple. But now my bedroom has a pop of color, and I didn't have to part with a beloved treasure. When you're standing in line at the post office waiting to ship a box of antique glassware, putting all your faith and confidence in the words "fragile" and "glass" scrawled all over the box, think again. Let your loved ones come visit the antiques instead.